These are some pictures that belonged to my grandparents. You'll notice tear marks in most of the pictures. My gramma had cleaned these and many others, plus a bunch of old greeting cards, out of a dresser shortly after my grampa had died. As she would grab a handful of pictures and cards, she just tore them in half and tossed them into the wastebasket. I think she was distressed over my grampa's death and tearing stuff up was just an unconscious way of acting out that distress. I don't think she was trying to destroy the cards and pictures per se; she just saw it as throwing out old "junk". Fortunately, I happened to visit her that day, saw the wastebasket and was able to save most of the pictures which then had to be taped back together.

The pictures were scanned at various resolutions, but I only show one of each picture here. You can see the photos in all the different resolutions here.

House in Norway, 400dpi

Jan and Gramma (Ellen), 600dpi

Marge and Dave at a Christmas banquest before they were married, around 1951 I'm guessing. The men don't look too happy for some reason. 300dpi

Martha Mission, presumably at Central Lutheran Church. The names on the back are shown below.